eCommerce Solution: SiteGiant Malaysia

SiteGiant: 3-in-1 Online Store

SiteGiant is one of the pioneer ecommerce provider in Malaysia offering great complete all-in-1 powerful ecommerce solutions for their ecommerce clients. Their eCommerce solutions come with ecommerce website, mobile store and facebook store as well.

SiteGiant : Multi Marketplace Sync

sitegiant ecommerce

Marketplace Sync is a great SiteGiant ecommerce feature where it allow you to sync your products with different marketplaces. And it will auto sync every 5 minutes. More channels, make you sell more too!

Drag & Drop Layout Manager

SiteGiant offering super easy to use drag & drop layout manager

How SiteGiant Works?

SiteGiant: Ecommerce Template

SiteGiant ecommerce also come with great ready to use ecommerce template as below, you can choose and switch within the template anytime!

SiteGiant Ecommerce Template

Why SiteGiant?

“I believe the most important is the after sales support! …..Let’s hear what their clients said about sitegiant services!”

By the way, if you need some free ecommerce consultation,
please whatsapp 012-6963011

Sitegiant E-Commerce

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